Question: I’m new to the cigar game. I’ve always been fascinated with the aromas they emit as well as the symbolism of masculinity that accompanies them. However, as I have hardly any first hand knowledge I would like to know what would be a good beginner cigar? Something not overpowering naturally, but enough to get a taste for them. I do enjoy bold flavors if that helps narrow the search.





There is a Tinder Box store in Waldorf, MD that can assist you with personal attention to get you started.  The store in Waldorf is our top Tinder Box store in the country, they have a very knowledgeable staff and would be glad to be of assistance to you.  Your best bet would be to take the time to visit them, let them show you recommendations.

You can contact them at 301-374-9100, they are located at 2754 Crain Highway


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Question: What is the best way to store your cigars without a humidifier? I plan to invest in a good humidifier but i just can’t stop buying exquisite stogies!




Hi John

Thanks for the inquiry. Honesty, there is no temporary way best to keep

cigars out of a humidor and especially this time of year. You should make

your way up to one of the Tinder Box stores there in Memphis and have them

recommend a humidor for you. (You are saying humidifier, but I believe you

mean humidor.) Humidifier is the device that puts moisture into the air. A

humidor is where you store your cigars.

Humidors come with a moisture device that you put distilled water in or on

to maintain perfect freshness for your cigars.

You can get a great humidor that will hold 50 or so cigars for under $200 in

most instances. (Beware of the so called bargain humidors being hawked

online, please.)

You can go to our website and there are 2 articles regarding humidors.





These articles should help you.

Stop by one of the stores in Memphis and make that investment.

Good Luck

The Cigar Guru

I am in a Unique Position

Let me preface this by saying outright that “I AM A PATRIOT” of our great nation…I have served in our Marine Corps, and I love this nation very much….

But as I have said I am in a unique position…

I am both a Tobacconist and a bar owner. Very few of us occupy both positions. As it is I have reduced myself to verifying my news after the fact, as most tidbits of interesting national and world import cross my two and a half feet of granite in the old way…through storytelling. I hear the success and folly, the love and hate, the understanding and the ignorant frustration of many people every day of my life. I am both the bartender psychologist, and the constitutionalist of a cigar seller that you have met.

I involuntarily occupy both positions at the same time….

As a youth I remember when military men were not popular, that is to say before the 9/11 tragedy. Most people won’t tell you this, or they decide to overlook the issue, but prior to 9/11 our military personnel were treated with much of the disdain that Vietnam Veterans had to deal with. Granted not with the same voracity, but none the less they were treated with the care one might show to a stray dog. A little food may be provided, but you will not come into my house.

I also remember that while Veterans were not much loved, our nation was well thought of. I have no desire to sound, or to be seditious when I say that I cannot remember a time prior to about seven years ago when I heard talk of Civil War. Yes that is what I said; talk of Civil War… not THE Civil War, but a new one, one still fought over taxes and poor representation. I hear variations as it pertains to tobacco smoking and tobacco taxes, guns and gun rights, private property rights, and insert the government tramping on me here rights. The talk of Civil War is upon the lips of thousands, and those are just the ones I have personally heard speak of it. I see more Union Jacks flown showing the snake and warning, “Don’t Tread on Me” than ever before.

I fear that if we do not as consumers of fine tobacco products, and thus benefacto as lovers and mongers of freedom and liberty, stand out and say no more, then this is what shall befall us. This continued oppression of minorities, and sometimes those that are not so minor, will eventually push the American people past the point of breaking. I would suggest in my own opinion an alliance be forged between the groups that are for rights of the people that we may stop the possibility of oppression pushing the American people so far…

Organizations like the CRA, the NRA, and I would even ask the ACLU to join if they can remember that there is a Second Amendment (as they appear to pretend it never existed as if it is a bastard child of a long estranged step-mother). We must prevent the possibility of bloodshed and the advent of Civil War by encouraging all of our fellow Americans to protect our rights with their votes, and not to protect the idle idiosyncrasies of our Socialist minded Citizens, because things like stricter gun control and smoking bans are violations of our rights, that men have bled to protect, but putting them into place is fueled by passion and fear rather than logic.

These agendas and the non-logical approach to politics serve only to break down the very fiber of who we are and why we have fought (and died), not only for our independence, but also for our continued right for us to be free and for others both foreign and domestic to be as well.

I was speaking with some Australian ladies today, and they related that they tend to lie down and take what crap their government throws, but we are Americans, we threw off our oppressors (namely King George) some 200 and odd years ago. We are our own people. And perhaps if we all work harder to protect the rights of our fellow Americans, even when we do not like or agree with their lifestyles or actions, we can move further from the possibility that the people of this nation will once again shed blood to protect their rights, and we may live in relative harmony as the free Americans that so many before us have died to ensure…

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Cigar Bunching

I have been neglecting the Cigar Guru blog as of late and I do apologize to any of you that have been waiting for the next post.

I wanted to discuss a portion of the process of cigar rolling in this blog.

In the rolling process the fillers are put together and then rolled up with the binder (the leaf that wraps around the fillers to hold the cigar’s shape).  This process is referred to as cigar bunching.  There are many different variables in this process and it requires quite a bit of skill to perform, but from an educational view I am going to discuss the different main techniques used to bunch premium cigars rather than go into a great deal of detail.  If you wish to read this in further detail please visit the cigar rolling section of Tobacconist University at http://www.tobacconistuniversity.org/tobacco-college/apm-rolling1.asp

In descending order of difficulty:

1. Entubado

This method of bunching is the most difficult and is very rarely used in production cigars as it is too time consuming.  When bunching cigars with the entubado method each of the filler leaves is rolled into itself like a small scroll.  These scrolls are then put together to form the bunch and rolled up in a binder leaf.  This allows for an exceptionally firmly wrapped cigar that allows for optimum airflow between the leaves and a tremendously easy passage of flavors and aromas to the palate.

2. Accordion

In this method each filler leaf’s outside edges are folded in on itself and then each leaf is placed on top of the previous leaf until the bunching is complete.  The cigar bunch is then rolled up in the binder leaf.  These folds that are created allow for excellent airflow through the cigar.  This is one of the most desirable types of bunching techniques and while it is not as sophisticated as the entubado method, it does have merit over our next methods…

3. Book Bunch

This involves placing filler leaves directly on top of each other and then folding them up like a book.  While much simpler than entubado or accordion bunching, it does have the drawback of having a more restricted airflow through the cigar.  That is to say that the airflow does not flow as evenly over all the leaves in the filler.  Most likely due to its economic advantages, this is the most widely used method in the production of premium handmade cigars today.

There are also at least a couple of other methods that involve machine assisted rolling.  While this machine is still hand assisted and the products thus are still premium, we will save these for another time, or if you are anxious to learn more, visit the Tobacconist University link above.

As always I wish you great smokes, great times, and great friends…

Nick’s Sticks

I saw my Tabacaleria Perdomo rep today. He brought me several samples of a new cigar being released by Nick Perdomo. This cigar “Nick’s Sticks” is actually a revived name, apparently from the early ‘garage days’ of Nick Perdomo’s cigar making time. After smoking them, I must say that this is a truly nice, long filler cigar from Perdomo. At a SRP in the mid to upper three dollar range in a tax free state this is truly a pleasure of a cigar very much worth your time. Our thanks must go out to Nick Perdomo one more time for bringing a quality affordable smoke into a market that is getting more and more difficult to work in, or to enjoy each and every day.

I recently received a shipment of Esteban Carreras 187 cigars. After having smoked a couple of these sticks I must say that like the 10 Años I was quite impressed by the quality of this cigar. The draw on both cigars was very nice, and they both burned evenly. The wrapper is dark smooth and oily, giving the cigar a very nice appearance. I was also quite impressed with the flavor profile. Be advised however this is not a cigar for the feign at heart. This is quite a powerhouse of a cigar. Overall it was a great smoke. In my opinion the second best cigar to come out of Esteban Carreras thus far, falling in only as a close second to the 10 Años.

We are delighted that you, our most valued customer have come to visit my blog and hope you have had a chance to peruse our web site.  Enjoy your time here!