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Nick’s Sticks

I saw my Tabacaleria Perdomo rep today. He brought me several samples of a new cigar being released by Nick Perdomo. This cigar “Nick’s Sticks” is actually a revived name, apparently from the early ‘garage days’ of Nick Perdomo’s cigar making time. After smoking them, I must say that this is a truly nice, long filler cigar from Perdomo. At a SRP in the mid to upper three dollar range in a tax free state this is truly a pleasure of a cigar very much worth your time. Our thanks must go out to Nick Perdomo one more time for bringing a quality affordable smoke into a market that is getting more and more difficult to work in, or to enjoy each and every day.


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I recently received a shipment of Esteban Carreras 187 cigars. After having smoked a couple of these sticks I must say that like the 10 Años I was quite impressed by the quality of this cigar. The draw on both cigars was very nice, and they both burned evenly. The wrapper is dark smooth and oily, giving the cigar a very nice appearance. I was also quite impressed with the flavor profile. Be advised however this is not a cigar for the feign at heart. This is quite a powerhouse of a cigar. Overall it was a great smoke. In my opinion the second best cigar to come out of Esteban Carreras thus far, falling in only as a close second to the 10 Años.

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