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Question: I’m new to the cigar game. I’ve always been fascinated with the aromas they emit as well as the symbolism of masculinity that accompanies them. However, as I have hardly any first hand knowledge I would like to know what would be a good beginner cigar? Something not overpowering naturally, but enough to get a taste for them. I do enjoy bold flavors if that helps narrow the search.





There is a Tinder Box store in Waldorf, MD that can assist you with personal attention to get you started.  The store in Waldorf is our top Tinder Box store in the country, they have a very knowledgeable staff and would be glad to be of assistance to you.  Your best bet would be to take the time to visit them, let them show you recommendations.

You can contact them at 301-374-9100, they are located at 2754 Crain Highway


Cigar Guru


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Questions & Answers…

Question: What is the best way to store your cigars without a humidifier? I plan to invest in a good humidifier but i just can’t stop buying exquisite stogies!




Hi John

Thanks for the inquiry. Honesty, there is no temporary way best to keep

cigars out of a humidor and especially this time of year. You should make

your way up to one of the Tinder Box stores there in Memphis and have them

recommend a humidor for you. (You are saying humidifier, but I believe you

mean humidor.) Humidifier is the device that puts moisture into the air. A

humidor is where you store your cigars.

Humidors come with a moisture device that you put distilled water in or on

to maintain perfect freshness for your cigars.

You can get a great humidor that will hold 50 or so cigars for under $200 in

most instances. (Beware of the so called bargain humidors being hawked

online, please.)

You can go to our website and there are 2 articles regarding humidors.





These articles should help you.

Stop by one of the stores in Memphis and make that investment.

Good Luck

The Cigar Guru

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